J-K Equipment LLC

We do it all to keep you up and running

For over 20 years, J-K Equipment has developed techniques and skills to rebuild, machine, and remanufacture hundreds of John Deere Parts, specializing in skidders. We can make and find parts that Deere doesn’t and we search high and low for the parts you need.

Why choose us?

With over 40 years of experience with John Deere skidders, we at J-K Equipment are able to provide excellent service for your machines. We source new and used parts, as well as rebuild and remanufacture a number of items that John Deere techs won’t even touch.

Remanufactured Steering Valves

We are perhaps the only place around with the skills and knowhow to rebuild John Deere Skidder Steering Valves

Double Lipped Seals

Several OEM seals manufactured by John Deere Fail. We have identified those that do and offer a more durable replacement featuring a double-lip to keep your skidder running!

Winch Brake Band

We maintain a stock of remanufactured winch brake bands for John Deere skidder power winches

Splined Shafts

Replacing a shaft on your skidder due to bad splines is costly. At J-K Equipment, we have the ability to replace/repair damaged splines and get you and your skidder going.

Re-chromed Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders are the backbone of your skidder. When they don’t work, your skidder doesn’t work. We can rebuilt, repack, and re-chrome cylinders.

Pin Fabrication

Pins wear out. They get rusted, or bent, or worse: sheared of. We offer brand new pins for your skidder manufactured in-house.

We carry just about everything you need for your John Deere Skidder