Parts Wanted

We buy parts at competitive prices!

We pay cash and do trades for used parts and machines! Here is a list of parts that we are currently looking for, but please call us if you don’t see a part listed, as we may still be interested.

440 Gland Nut

440 Steering Cylinder Gland Nuts

440 Syncro Transmission Pump

440, 540A Transmission Output Shaft

440C, 440D Heavy Duty Flywheel


440C, 540B Park Brake Disk

440C, 540B, 640 Park Brake Cable, Spring, & Rod


540B Grapple Yoke

T53057 540B or 440, 440C Air Filter Cover and Clamp or Housing

540B, 440, 440C Air Filter Cover, Clamp, Housing

540B, 640 Transmission Output Shaft

Exhaust Elbows

Rotary Winch Valve