We buy parts at competitive prices!

We pay cash and do trades for used parts and machines! Here is a list of parts that we are currently looking for, but please call us if you don’t see a part listed, as we may still be interested.

440 Standard Transmission Pump
440C, 540B, 640 Park Brake Cable Spring & Rod
T53057 540B or 440, 440C Air Filter Cover and Clamp or Housing
440C, 440D Newer Style Flywheel for Heavy Duty Clutch***
AT64118 or AT78041 540B Winch Valve – Rotary
T56802 Park Brake Disk 440C, 540B **
540B Grapple Yoke
AT25949 440 or 540A ** Transmission Output shaft also looking for 540B, 640 Output Shaft T118775*
440 Steering Cylinder***
Exhaust Elbows **
440, 440C AT18045, AT21878, AT26872** Flywheel**
T27592 440B Transmission Idler Gear & Shaft***

540B Hydraulic Pump Drive Shaft T51169****

84036680 or C94816K New Process Transmission Mounting Cover for TJ 230
Muffler for 440C, 540B

AR37038 440 Brake Valve Fitting ****

540B Air Filter Cover Wing Nut

Steering Valve Top Housing marked R45297, R44846, or R73816 ****

RE30076 Pinion Yokes 540B

540B Transmission Plate Thin Lip

440 Brake Disk ***

Cab Mount Bushings

R47978 540B or 440C Steering Cylinder Piston Ring

540B Seat Good

4045 Injection Pump RE47179 or RE41774 *

Exhaust Hood Clamp 540B

540B Right Steering Barrel ****

18.4×34 ****
23.1×26 **

540B Tapered Washer Final Drive

Springs, Pins, and Band Pins **

440 Winch Plate

Starter Relays

440 and 540B Fan Shrouds

440 Transmission Lube Tube

540B Winch & Covers

540D Round Planetary – Fine Spline

540D Parking Brake Cover T113223 ***

540B Fuel Tank ANY Condition

Spider Gears 540B R42443

640 ST Gland Nuts **

T53242 Winch Plate

540B Radiator Brackets

R54621 440C, 540B, 640, 411B, 510B, 710B, 710C Engine to Transmission Cover ***

640 Right Barrels **

440C Transmission T29339

540B Rotate Gears **

440B,C,D 18.4×26 Rims Only **

R35272 Good Only Couplers Small

AR61533 Rear Engine Cover Plug

6068 Manifold T30818 **

Tin Decals 440, 440C

540B Steel Pipes Transmission Brake Line

Metric Pump Stoke Screw

648D Winch Shaft Cores – Looks Like 540B Style Grapple **

Small G Hydraulic Pumps

540A Winch Yokes

Hydraulic Pump to Transmission Steel Line

403833 Timberjack New Process Transmission Case
404910 2000 PSI or 402911 550 PSI Relief Valves for TJ Control Valve

Timberjack Radiator

R51736 Turbo Coupler
Detroit Timing Gears
12″ Main Line Roll

540A Winch Yokes

Timberjack Control Valves

540A Output Shaft Cover

540A Hood

540 Adjustable Arch

Timberjack Pump Front Engine

648G Relief Valve AT169156

4276 Good Used Turbo

Eaton Planetary

440 Battery Box
RE11970 540B Accumulator
AR81759, RE19055 Sub AR83394 Planetary for Transmission Brake Pack
Positive Battery Cable
T51169 540B 440C Hydraulic Pump Drive Shaft
Transmission Pump Cores 540A, 540B, 640 Heavy Duty

540B Blade

440C Front End Housing

AT74490 540B or 440C Neg

C-92581 TJ 442 New Process Transmission Cover

Timberjack Transmission

540B Planetary Gear for Powershift Transmission

Big Timberjack Planetary Housing 113044