How to Adjust the Winch Brake Band

Your John Deere Power Winch is a important to your logging operation, and the key to its great performance is a well-adjusted brake band. Don't worry, maintaining a properly adjusted brake band is easy - just follow the steps below and you'll have your winch band installed with confidence.

  1. Adjust the distance between the bottom edge of the pin (#1 on picture) and spring anchor (#5) until it is equal to 4 ¾” using the top nut. (Bottom of pin to bottom of pin)
  2. Tighten the special nut (#3) against the top nut.
  3. Tighten the bottom nut against the spring anchor (#5).
  4. Put winch into free spool position.
  5. Adjust the support cap screw under brake band to get a decent free spool (gauge by feel)
  6. Tighten hex nut on cap screw against housing.
  7. If you cannot achieve a good free spool using the support cap screw, loosen the special (#3) nut several turns and apply a Loctite seal to the threads of the eyebolt.
  8. Adjust the special nut (#3) to the minimum distance from top hex nut that will provide a good free spool.
  9. Check piston stroke from hold to free spool position. (Max acceptable stroke is 0.38 in). The length of the piston stroke is set by the distance between the special nut and top hex nut.
  10. Recheck the operation of the winch. If the brake still slips, inspect the facings for damage from heat, grease, or oil.
Winch Adjustment Picture

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Reman JD Winch Brake Band

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How often should I adjust my skidder's brake band?

Any time the winch brake band has been removed or replaced, the winch band MUST be adjusted.

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