Standard Transmission

Rebuilt 440 Standard Transmission

Used 440 Standard Transmission – Inspected

Transmission Case – Repaired or Used

Idler Gear & Shaft – Early Style

Idler Shaft – Later Style

Counter Shaft – Shaft only T32876

Counter Shaft Gear – 6th & 8th Speed

Counter shaft – Complete T47343-ASBLY

Redesigned and Tested Transmission Pumps

Throw Out Bearing Support

Counter Shaft Gear – Low Range

High / Low Shift Fork AR32190

Transmission Case AT21179

High / Low Shift Fork AT46996

Range Change Shift Quadrant

Top Shaft – Complete – High/Low/Reverse

Speed Change Shift Quadrant

Shifting Cam – Speed Change

Top Cover with Reverse Idler Gears

Top Cover – Reverse Gear

High Range Top Shaft Gear

High/Low Shifting Collar

Transmission Output Shaft AT24716

Low/High Range Synchronizer

Transmission Output Shaft Gear – 2 Options

Transmission Output Shaft T47339

Low/High Range Synchronizer Hub

Output Shaft Seal – Rear

Output Shaft Seal – Front