Part Number: 1979-540BLS

1979 540B Log Skidder

This 1979 540B won’t be around for long. We’ve just done a massive overhaul, with:

  • A rebuilt 4276 motor
  • Rebuilt winch
  • Rebuilt steering valve
  • Rebuilt diff lock valve
  • Repacked steering and blade cylinders
  • New lower center pin and bushing
  • Replaced center drive shaft
  • New winch drive shaft
  • New hydraulic pump
  • New turbo
  • Remanufactured injection pump
  • Remanufactured transmission pump
  • New differential pin
  • New shift and blade cables
  • New chokers and main line
  • New main roll
  • New radiator
  • New hoses
  • New seat
  • New steering wheel.
  • Rear ends have been checked and tires are in good shape


Comes with 18.4×34 front at 45% and rear at 25%. It’ll also come with front ring chains too.
Don’t miss out – act now! For more information call 207-416-3510 or 207-478-1301.

Additional information


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